Tins of tomatoes will move freely but that will no longer be the case for people

A bad trade deal is arguably better than no deal at all but will not fundamentally mitigate the negative consequences of Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

One casualty of the deal will be the end of free movement between the EU and the UK, a key component of what the EU refers to as “the integrity of the Single Market”. 

Tins of tomatoes will be able to move freely between the EU and the UK but that will no longer be the case for people.

British citizens will have to ask permission before they can live, work, love, study or retire in an EU member state.

Students will no longer have the chance to be part of the Erasmus programme which allowed EU students to study in the UK or British citizens to study in the EU.

From 1 January, EU citizens will also lose their rights to live, work and study in the UK.

There is no agreement on services.

New Europeans will mark the loss of free movement rights between the EU and the UK with a 12 hour online vigil on 31 December entitled Connection Lost​.
The EU is not just a union of states and markets, it is also a union of people.  

Current research ​shows that a majority of British people are now opposed to the UK leaving the EU.



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