Declaration of Solidarity between Europeans

We citizens of Europe unite in solidarity to declare our commitment to peace, freedom and democracy. 

Having experienced the joys and enlightenment that a Europe without borders brings to all generations and all people, we pledge to support the values of human dignity, mutual respect, equality and tolerance that have given us years of peace.

We pledge especially our solidarity across borders with our vulnerable and excluded citizens, to seek a better future for those without a voice, to share our values with our children, to include, not exclude, and work to realise a better future for all.

We share a common vision and determination to defend and advance our Europe without borders and oppose all who would squander the achievements of peace in Europe.

We reject abandoning people in poverty and hard times. No citizen should be left behind.

As European citizens, we stand together in offering mutual support.

We know we cannot always trust and leave the defence and promotion of our values solely to parties, politicians and institutions.

We know that we, the people, are stronger together, that politicians must develop their links with us to strengthen our bonds to enable us to face future challenges together.

We recognise that democracy is only as strong as its peoples; that governments are transient; and that those who seek division and destruction are ephemeral.

Solidarity is built and sustained by human contact, by families, by men and women, older and younger generations and by all those experiencing and valuing humanity, dignity, equality and sharing.

We thank those who constructed the Europe of today and turned a vision into a reality, the founders of the European Union and those who built on its beginnings aiming to make life better in the interests of all. We have a long way to go but together we will succeed.

This is what we want.

This is our voice.

A voice of solidarity across borders.

A determination to protect and promote a Europe without borders of any kind.

We are one people.

We join together in solidarity to sustain peace and democracy now and for our future generations

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