Women of Belarus to receive New European of the Year Award

New Europeans is delighted to announce that we are awarding our New European of the Year Award to  “The Women of Belarus”.

The citation reads as follows:

“The struggle for democracy is a universal aspiration of all freedom-loving people.

In Belarus women have put themselves in the frontline of the fight for free, fair and open elections.

By standing up in the face of tyranny, they are putting their own safety at risk.

They do so because they know that they have the right to demand that their voices be heard.

The physical presence of so many women protestors  has also helped protect male protestors from an unending frenzy of police brutality but there are many cases of violence against women, too.

As the world looks on, we are witnessing extraordinary acts of courage, compassion and solidarity.

We are humbled to stand with the women of Belarus.

In making this award, we salute their bravery, their determination and the example they are giving in a dangerous and unstable world that cries out for hope and for liberty.”

The Board of  New Europeans Aisbl, 12 November 2020


The award will be given online to Olga Zubrilova and Ekaterina Ziuzuik representatives respectively of the democratic majority inside Belarus and amongst the Belarus Diaspora on the occasion of our second online meeting on Belarus, taking place on 12 November 2020.






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