Klubrádió to lose licence as Orban continues to trample on press freedom in Hungary

The Hungarian media authority has published a statement announcing the cancellation of the broadcasting contract of FM station Klubrádió from February next year.

News Releas from Klubrádió

According to the law Klubrádió is entitled to continue its broadcasts for the next seven years. However, the National Media and Info-communication Authority (Media Council) has stated that they are cancelling the broadcasting rights of FM Klubrádió on frequency 92.2 MHz as of 14th February 2021. The Media Council also has announced a bid open for this frequency from next February.

Klubrádió continues to fight with every possible legal and other means to preserve it’s right to broadcast. The Media Council in today’s statement refers to “multiple breaches of media law” and earlier fines levied on Klubrádió as a pretext for discontinuing the frequency permit. This is simply not true. Klubrádió has been operating for the last 19 years absolutely in line with the Hungarian media law and regulations.

This is not first attempt of the Hungarian authorities to silence Klubrádió. After a lengthy legal and court procedure the media authority failed in its attempt to cancel Klubrádió’s broadcasting permit in the early 2010s.

From today it is crystal clear that the Orbán-government through the Media Council wants to suppress and silence every independent voice in Hungary, let it be print media, radio, TV or social media. The cancellation of broadcasting rights of Klubrádió is an open political attack against the freedom of the media in Hungary.

We have only one mission and it is to continue to air programs for the community of all those 3 million people living within the broadcast footprint and those several hundred thousand who daily listen to Klubrádió broadcasts. Klubrádió is the only free and independent FM radio that remained in Hungary broadcasting strong news and current affairs content plus quality cultural programming for the community of Budapest and its suburban area. This radio has been operating on solid financial support of its listeners who allocated 1% of their personal income tax to the radio or their other direct donations. Besides this we have survived on minimum advertising income (due to the distorted advertising market in Hungary).

Klubrádió will never give up and will continue to fight against the political campaign to intimidate and silence it!


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