Statement on deteriorating human rights situation in Belarus

New Europeans stands in solidarity with the people of Belarus who daily suffer violations of their human rights, including unlawful detention, intimidation, physical abuse and violence, arbitrary arrest, torture and in some cases death at the hands of the authorities. We watch these events in grief and disbelief.

The people of Belarus know that there can be no freedom without democracy. They know that there can be no rule of law, no human rights, without democracy. That is why they protest peacefully at the outcome of elections which were neither free nor fair.

By contrast the authorities continue to brutalise the population, violate and humiliate detainees, while threatening the use of military force against their own citizens.

We join the international community, democrats and freedom lovers everywhere in demanding:

·      an immediate end to the violence and threats of military force

·      a complete and thorough investigation into all crimes and abuses

·      a peaceful resolution based on an inclusive national dialogue

The steadfast determination of the Belarus people to seek democratic change in the face of these provocations has touched a chord around the world.

We stand united with all who seek a better future for Belarus based on respect for fundamental democratic and human rights and the country’s international obligations.

We call on the European Union to take action to secure these demands.


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