Interview with Olivier Védrine on the crisis in Belarus

Political scientist Olivier Vedrine commented on the events taking place in Belarus and made a forecast as to what the likely decision of Putin to rescue Lukashenka by military means will lead to.

How do you assess the situation in Belarus?

The fact that protests in Minsk do not subside for a whole week in a row, as well as how meaningfully the Kremlin is silent, speaks volumes.

Every day, despite the fierce opposition of the security forces, tens of thousands of people take to the streets, enterprises go on strike, and even employees of propaganda media are fired.

I was amazed how today the workers of a large plant in Minsk, in which Lukashenka saw his supporters, greeted him with whistles and shouts of “go away”.  I think that just at that moment Lukashenka, who hoped the protests would subside, has now realized his power is coming to an end.

How expected was the Belarusian crisis?

It was expected that Alyaksandr Lukashenka was preparing to falsify the elections, and in case of protests, suppress them by force. What makes this crisis unexpected is its scale. Nobody expected this, first of all, Lukashenka himself.


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