Citizens Take Over Europe write to Angela Merkel

The Citizens Take Over Europe alliance is continuously expanding group of civil society organisations, currently consisting of the organsiations below.

Alliance4Europe, Another Europe is Possible, CIVICO Europa, Democracy International, EUMans, European Alternatives, European Democracy Lab, European Civic Forum, European House, Eurotopia, Mehr Demokratie e.V., Music Theater International, New Europeans, Pulse of Europe, Take a Break from Brexit, The ECI Initiative, The Good Lobby, WeMove Europe.

In an open letter to Angela Merkel at the start of the German Presidency, the organisations say:

"The EU is at a crossroads in its history: the need for the European Union to transform into a social, sustainable, democratic, and citizen-led project is greater than ever before.

This is why we, citizens and civil society organisations from across Europe, are calling on you to make true the promise of the proposed Conference on the Future of Europe to guide the EU out of the many crises with which it is confronted."

The letter goes on to call for a public debate on the use of the Recovery Fund funds and new mechanisms for citizens to participate in the governance of the EU. the alliance also calls for greater trasnnational collaboration.

Specifically the letter calls on the German Chancellor to:

- Urgently commit to a timetable for the Conference on the Future of Europe, and engage civil society to co-design an empowering format for the Conference from the bottom-up, through which citizens feel ownership.

- Ensure complete democratic legitimacy by putting citizens centre-stage in the discussions at all phases, make special efforts to involve minorities and youth, and firmly anchor civil society’s role in the Conference’s structure. Citizens must not only be consulted but also be participants, even through randomly selected Citizens’ Assemblies.

- Pledge to follow-up to any significant reforms recommended by the Conference, including the possibility of treaty change.


To read and sign the letter, click here





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