Press statement - The Call to Europe


New Europeans, Ethnos, We Belong



A three day multimedia / cross-generational event

on the vision of a Europe without borders

Focus of the event will be the European web premiere of the documentary film The Words of Ventotene: Ernesto Rossi and the project for a united Europe.

The release of the film is timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Roger Casale, founder of New Europeans.

The screenings will be accompanied by a live Facebook conversation between Roger Casale and Yasmine Ouirhrane, both winners of Schwarzkopf Foundation Awards 2019, and by a series of video and audio messages, including puppetry, shared in the info-sphere through various media and across generations.

Aim of the initiative is to spark debate and a ”buzz” about the perception of borders, from the message of the Ventotene Manifesto, which exposed the ideals of a united Europe, up to the generations of today and tomorrow.

The film he Words of Vetontene will be made available starting on Friday May 22nd at 8AM to Sunday May 24th at midnight through this public link

The live FB conversation Cross Out the Borders between Roger Casale, Secretary General of New Europeans, Yasmine Ouirhrane, and the puppet Fagiolino (!) animated by Mauro Sarzi, will take place on Sunday, May 24th at 6PM CET.

Topic of the conversation will be the creation of a borderless Europe, a Europe without physical barriers and a Europe without invisible borders, created by discrimination and prejudice in people’s minds.

The meeting will be moderated by Povl Christian Henningsen and will be hosted on the GlobalNet21 FB page.


Directed by Marco Cavallarin, Marco Mensa and Elisa Mereghetti, and produced by Ethnos, Patma.doc and Fondazione Famiglia Sarzi, The Words of Ventotene focuses on Ernesto Rossi, "rebel and democratic", strong opponent of Fascism, jailed and confined between 1930 and 1943 for his political ideas. Rossi made a fundamental contribution to the project of the European Union, as expressed in the Ventotene Manifesto of 1941, proposing the ideal of a federal Europe, cancellation of borders, and defense of peace in opposition to overcoming nationalisms. This message is more essential today than ever, and must be handed over to the younger generations.

Few people know that Ernesto Rossi was fond of puppets. His favorite character was the traditional puppet Fagiolino, to whose words Ernesto Rossi entrusted the expression of his fierce criticism on fascism, war, racism, violence of the dictatorship. Today the Sarzi family, with its precious mission of puppeteers/educators, tours Italy and Europe, spreading knowledge about Ernesto Rossi and the vision of a united Europe. 

In the words of Marco Cavallarin, Marco Mensa and Elisa Mereghetti, authors of the film:

“Why watch this movie? In the terrible period of the war, the Shoah, the persecution, the confinement, Ernesto Rossi and his companions had the courage, the imagination, the irreverent genius to look up beyond the horizon of the present moment and to imagine a future ideal world in which civil rights and fraternity among all people would be at the center of social life and politics. Ernesto Rossi is an example for our times.”

In the words of Roger Casale:

”I am excited to have the opportunity to work with Ethnos and We Belong and honoured they should have chosen this day to launch the English language première of 'The Words of Ventotene'. It gives me the opportunity to show my appreciation for all who, like Ernesto Rossi before us, believe in the call to Europe - a united Europe of freedom, equality and human rights in which each any every one of us can say "I belong”."

In the words of Yasmine Ouirhrane:

“I want to live in the Europe that Ernesto Rossi and Altiero Spinelli first dreamt about, a Europe where individual freedoms and human rights are guaranteed, where each and every citizen has a voice, where hate and fascism will not be tolerated. I am pleased to team up with Ethnos and New Europeans to revive the Ventotene legacy and build a Europe free from hate.”


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