COVID-19, the health alert must not normalise laws that violate human rights

Foto: Defender Quien Defiende
Foto: Defender Quien Defiende

From Defending Who Defends, we alert on how the security vision of political, social or health problems (such as the current case of crisis by COVID-19) favors the application of punitivism and repression as a solution, instead of addressing security from the perspective of economic resources, care and common infrastructure.

In this sense, we focus on how the Citizen Security Law (Gag Law) and the Penal Code are being applied to people who do not comply with the restrictions set by the Government.

The Spanish State has not needed to develop ad hoc legislation for citizens that does not respect the measures during the current state of alarm. The legislative framework approved by an absolute majority of the PP in 2015 is already restrictive enough to punish through the Penal Code and / or sanction administrative offenses through the Gag Law.

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More about Defending the Defender

We are a platform made up of human rights defenders, journalists, legal experts, social groups, university institutes and third sector organizations that, in the current context of criminalization and repression of social protest as well as the increase in rights violations by As part of the public security forces and bodies, we have organized to jointly create a system of early warning and response to cases of human rights violations in Spain. A system based on supporting and reinforcing the actions and coordination of people who are already working against abuses, to have a political, social and legal impact on the effective protection of civil and political rights

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