Greening of Ukraine will have global impact

From left to right: Serhiy Gaydaychuk,  Vitaliy Turinok, Boris Shestopalov.
From left to right: Serhiy Gaydaychuk, Vitaliy Turinok, Boris Shestopalov.

The presentation of the Greening of Ukraine project took place in Zaporozhye (Eastern Ukraine), where it is planned to plant 1 million trees in 24 hours.

The aim of the project is to create a history of collective success of Ukrainians, attracting the attention of citizens to climate change at the start of an international project to plant 100 million trees in 100 countries.

“At the last Davos Economic Forum, the main topic discussed by world leaders was: How to survive humanity. The top five long-term risks, which will be crucial in the next ten years, were all liked to climate change,”

says Sergey Gaydaychuk, initiator of the Greening of Ukraine project and founder of the largest business club CEO Club Ukraine.

Almost every sector of the economy, one way or another, is associated with natural resources. This means that a better solution could be to combine efforts to develop a common response to climate challenges.

Greening Ukraine has been launched in order to re-focus attention on restoring Ukraine's ecosystem and to develop ecological awareness amongst the public.  The project is part of a global global tree planting initiative in 100 countries which aims to plant 1,000,000 seedlings in 2020 in all regions of Ukraine.

The initiators of the Greening Ukraine project are Sergey Gaydaychuk and Anna Krysyuk, General director of the Book of Records of Ukraine, the founder of the international magazine BusinessWoman 

In the Zaporizhzhya region, the co-organizer of the project was the group of companies HD-group and its co-owners Boris Shestopalov and Sergey Chekalsky.

In mid-March, an official presentation of the project and the signing of a memorandum on the implementation of eco-initiatives in the region took place in Zaporozhye.

The event was attended by Grigory Samardak, Chairman of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Council , Vitaliy Turinok, head of the regional administration , Valery Edelev,  adviser to the mayor of Zaporizhia , the initiators of the project “Greening of Ukraine” Sergey Gaydaychuk and Anna Krysyuk, the co-organizer of the project in the Zaporizhzhya region ,Boris Shestopalov, as well as regional enterprises, public organizations and media.

According to one of the initiators of the all-Ukrainian project, Sergey Gaydaychuk, the action with planting a million trees has several goals.

"The first is to create a collective success story of Ukraine, because the country is divided, there are myths, we can’t unite and through the action we want to unite the whole country - volunteers, businessmen, the public, the government. Now 20 regions, the largest business associations, have joined us, more than 20,000 volunteers, more than 100 universities"

Also, within the framework of the project, its organizers want to draw the attention of Ukrainians to the problem of climate change.

They believe that having made the idea fashionable, it will be possible to attract more ambassadors and environmentalists.

“We are planning the next stage in the fall, in November - we will plant at least 100,000,000 trees in 100 countries of the world within a week.

This will be a Ukrainian initiative that will demonstrate that Ukraine is not a third world country, but a country that can unite people outside borders and fight with climate change in the global arena.

There are already agreements in 20 countries and an application for 30,000,000 trees, "says Sergey Gaydaychuk.“This project is not only about trees and ecology.

This project, first of all, is a test of self-awareness as part of a community larger than family, friends, colleagues ...

This project is truly national, even of a planetary scale, announced in Davos.

And we will implement it at the highest level of self-organization and initiative, without waiting for special orders.


The co-organizer of the project in the Zaporozhye region and co-owner of the HD-group ,Boris Shestopalov concluded:

"We invite everyone who is ready to make Zaporizhia and the region cleaner, more comfortable for life, more environmentally friendly in every sense of the word. 

Nobody will do this except us, only we and only together! "



Alexander Pavlov, Director of the ARI media agency

Professor (h.c.) Olivier Védrine, Director New Europeans


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