Has new Dylan song captured corona mood and can you tell us your own story?

Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan has released a new song which is 17 minutes long and is called Murder Most Foul.

Listen here

It is about the assassination of John F Kennedy and many other things that have happened since then.

Like the corona virus, the death of John F Kennedy was experienced as a global event.

We all heard about the death of JFK - for some of us it will count as one of our earliest memories.

How we experienced that moment and what came after it was of course unique to all of us.

So it is today, with the corona virus - the way we feel about this common experience is unique.

What happens next will become our own unique story to tell.  

Bob Dylan claimed not to have experienced the shock of Kennedy's assassination any differently to anyone else .

In fact when he was asked in 1971 why he hadn't written about it at the time he said:

“If I was more sensitive about it than anyone else, I would have written a song about it, wouldn’t I?”

But he has written a song about it, and here it is.

We hope this song speaks to you as it did to many of us at New Europeans.

Read the lyrics


Tell us your story

If you would like to write about your feelings and how you are experiencing this corona crisis, why not put that into your words and share it with others.

We will be very happy to post your stories, your poems, your experiences on our website and on our social media platforms.

We can't all be the Nobel laureate but in a sense that doesn't matter.

We each have a voice, we each have a life.

May every voice be heard and may every life count.

Stay safe, stay well and remember to share your story, too.

Life will go on.


Send your story to us at: press@neweuropeans.net




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