Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit - Katerina's story

Katerina Dimitrova
Katerina Dimitrova

At candlelit vigil for citizens' rights outside Europe House
At candlelit vigil for citizens' rights outside Europe House

Growing up in Bulgaria we always looked up to the EU, and when we finally joined, along with other East European new member states,.

I felt so happy that we were moving forward together.

"So on Brexit Day I felt so sad, almost as if I was at a family funeral and had lost a member of the family."

Brexit brings uncertainty and unpredictability in an already turbulent world.

And as someone who firmly believes in multilateralism, human rights and liberal values, it was a truly sad day.

"I felt helpless!​ I felt alienated and unwanted."

When I walked past Parliament Square and I saw all these people celebrating Brexit, it felt like Britain and the world had taken a step back from the path of progress. 

Nationalism brought two world wars and destruction, and yet again at the start of the 21st century, it had returned with a surprising victory and brought us backwards, as a global community, instead of moving forward. 

Until 31th January, I still had some hope that Brexit would not happen after all and that some miracle would occur.

"But the miracle didn’t happen and a feeling of confusion and sadness kicked in."

Sometimes dark forces win and there was nothing I can do.

But there is always hope, that with a new generation, the UK will join the EU again.

In the meantime, our message is clear:

Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit!


About the author

Katerina Dimitrova is a research analyst for a publication in the insurance sector.

About New Europeans

New Europeans is an award-winning civil rights organisation based in London and Brussels.  It is a membership association working for a Europe of citizens, a Europe of equality, social justice, anchored in human rights.

Since 2013, New Europeans has been at the forefront of the fight to secure the rights of #the5million - EU citizens in the UK and Britons in the EU - post Brexit.

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