"Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit" message cuts through on Brexit Day

Our protest on Parliament Square, followed by an evening candlelit vigil outside Europe House attracted scores of media from across the world.

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Everyone from American and Asian broadcasters to European TV stations and some of Europe’s major newspapers were present  to cover the historic day on which Britian was leaving the EU.

Our plan was to disrupt that narrative with a message about citizens' rights. This was a historic day albeit a sad an upsetting one for those of use who wanted Britain to remain a member of the European Union. 

We wanted to challenge the idea that the Government "had got Brexit done" . For #the5million EU citizens in the UK and Britons in Europe, Brexit is not done. 

Our message was a simple one:

"Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit"


Roger Casale, General Secretary and CEO of New Europeans was interviewed by ARD, Deutsche Welle, Le Monde and others including Icelandic TV .

We even had YouTuber Ben Fox whizzing up to us on his electric scooter to interview Roger and NHS Nurse of the Year and team member Joan Pons Laplana.

We were also featured in the international section of El Pais and ABC.

Actor and writer Kate Willoughby, who helped spearhead our citizens rights campaign led the candlelit vigil outside Europe House which was attended by over 200 people.

Thousands more joined the vigil by lighting a candle for #the5milion at home.


A parellel protest organised by New European campaigners outside the European Parliament in Brussels. 

We received good coverage from The Brussels Times for both vigils.


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