3 Reasons Why It Is Better To Rent A Camper Instead of Owning

So you’re thinking of going away on a camping holiday?

I certainly don’t blame you- these are among my favourite kinds of holidays and are definitely up there with the most popular.

There are just so many different things to do- sit up at night and gaze at the stars, cook up some lovely campfire meals and go for exhilarating walks out in the wilderness. The possibilities are almost endless, but one of the things you need to decide before you go away is how you’ll actually be travelling and sleeping.

Obviously tents tend to be a very common choice, but another popular mode of sleep and travel is a camper or RV. These have really risen to prominence in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. However, a decision you have to make with these is whether you’re going to buy your own camper or simply rent one.

There are arguments for both, but I believe renting one could be the better option for you at this point in time. Here are 3 reasons as to why this is the case. 

1. You may end up regretting buying one. Now, I know a few different people that have bought campers to keep. For some of them, it’s been a really good decision. They’ve gone on to use them a lot and have actually saved a lot of money by buying one for themselves rather than continually renting one out. However, I also know others who bought one, used it once and decided it wasn’t for them. An absolute fortune was spent and all that came of it was an attempt to get rid of it soon after. When buying something of this magnitude, you really have to be sure of your decision- particularly if it’s your first time. If it is indeed your first time, I’d definitely recommend renting a camper. This will allow you to get a taste for this kind of trip and you can decide whether you really enjoy it or not. If so, you can return it and go on to buy your own. If not, you can return it and never lay eyes on one again. Renting an RV will give you much more flexibility with your decision and I’d definitely recommend it.

2. It could work out cheaper. If you really enjoy going away on camping trips but only do it once of twice a year, it might not be worth buying a camper to own for yourself. They do tend to be very expensive and are more of a long-term investment, and for that reason you need to use them a lot to get your moneys worth. If you’re only going to use them a couple of times, renting one each time could work out cheaper. You’ll get exactly what you’re paying for each time you do it and won’t have to worry about making a huge investment all at once. It’s all about what you think will be best for you, your trip schedule and your finances. 

3. Good customer service. Companies that rent out campers will always know what they’re talking about, so they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the RV you’re renting or about your trip itself.

Author: Helen Bell


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