UK Government publishes Yellowhammer report

"A little bit of bread and no cheese" *
"A little bit of bread and no cheese" *

The government has released the #Yellowhammer documents, which look at the "reasonable worst case planning assumptions" of a no-deal Brexit.

It's not a great advertisement for leaving the EU without a deal:

- public disorder

- return to hard Irish border

- job losses

- disruption at Channel crossings for up to three months

- lorries could face delays of up to two-and-a-half days

- delays for UK holidaymakers

- significant electricity price rises

- medicine supplies will be "particularly vulnerable"

- supplies of some fresh food will decrease

- food prices will also rise

- disruption in law enforcement data sharing name but a few

Read the report here

* Yellowhammer: the little bird with a story to tell about the EU



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