Home office denial of settled status to Oxford Councillor stirs fear and uncertainty amongst EU27 citizens

New Europeans advice session on EU Settled Status
New Europeans advice session on EU Settled Status

Supporting individual cases
Supporting individual cases

An Oxford Councillor who has been in Britain for 19 years, is married to a Brit, has two British children and is a professional economist has been denied settled status by the Home Office.

Read the Oxford Mail article here

And this has happened within days of the Chancellor Sajid Javid saying:

"there shouldn't be a single person who is concerned about their settled status in the UK".

Fortunately, Councillor Maggie Filipova-Rivers has reacted with considerable stoicism to the fact that despite her stellar credentials she has only been awarded "pre-settled" status.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail,  Ms Filipova-Rivers said she was confident she could resolve the matter in relation to her own case.

Her concern was rather about the message the Home Office's decision would give to other EU citizens.

"I'm not worried for myself but I am angry about the implications for others.

Since the launch of the EU Settled Status scheme the Home Office has processed over 1 million applications and it is clear that a number of mistakes may have been made.

High profile cases such as that of Ms Filipova-Rivers are unusual but feed into a climate of fear and uncertaint.

Despite calls for unilateral guarantees by New Europeans and others,EU27 citizens were left in limbo for three years following the referendum.

That experience has left its mark.

Responding to the latest developments, Dr Ruvi Ziegler, Chair of New Europeans UK said:

"It is difficult to comment on individual cases without knowing the full details.

However, based on our experience helping EU27 citizens with their applications for settled status, Ms Filipova-Rivers case is not an isolated one.

When pre-settled status is offered by mistake, our advice to EU citizens is to challenge the decision and push for settled status.

In our experience, many  cases are resolved once further information is provided."

New Europeans is working with the AIRE Centre to advise EU citizens on their settled status applications. 

For more information about how to access these programmes, please click here.

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