Why I am running for the DIEM Co-ordinating Collective - Andrea Pisauro

DiEM25 is a grassroots political organisation which has set itself to democratise the European Union by 2025.

The EU needs both good politics and active civil society which is why both pan European political organisations as DiEM25 and pan European civil right organisations as New Europeans, both of which I am a proud member, are very important for the future of the EU.

I decided to run to become a member of DiEM25 Coordinating Collective, the EU-level political body coordinating all activity of DiEM25 throughout the continent.

If I am elected (for which I will need all your help!) for the next two years I will be voluntarily involved in a process of re-launching the pan-European DiEM25 network.

I will do it with conviction and determination because I think a serious response is still needed to the very serious problems of the European Union and that this response can only come from long-term work of a political movement organised at a pan-European level. 

At the moment, both the country where I live and want to live in the future, Britain, and the country where I am from and where many of the people I love still are, Italy, are going through complex political crisis which the worst right in a generation risk  turning into very dark times.

This situation will be familiar to many of you as political instability is the leit-motif of European politics.

This is precisely why DiEM25 work is important. 

This is precisely why I want to keep fighting to change the EU in a way that work for each and everyone of 500 millions European citizens. Like you and me. 

In this video, I introduce my approach with a couple of proposals.

All DiEM25 members can vote for me until the 28th of August using this link 

We are living through dark times.

We have a moral obligation to keep fighting. I will do my part, I hope you will support me.


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