Statement on unsuitability of Balázs Hidvégi's nomination as Vice-Char of LIBE

Balász Hidvégi, Orban’s former chief spokesperson,
Balász Hidvégi, Orban’s former chief spokesperson,

The European People's Party (EPP) has proposed the nomination of Balász Hidvégi, Orban’s former chief spokesperson, as the new vice-chair of the European Parliament's LIBE committee (Civil liberties, justice and rule of law) in the European Parliament.

As a member of European Civic Forum (ECF),  New Europeans is supporting calls for the EPP to propose another member of their group for the Vice-chairmanship of LIBE .

ECF is also calling on the political groups in the European Parliament to look for a replacement who is willing to engage in a genuine dialogue with civil society organisations.

Together we are asking as many organisations as possible to sign the call, in cooperation and with the full agreement of organisations in Hungary which have already started disseminating the text.

Sign the letter here

Please sign the letter before Monday 15 July, 12.30 p.m. (Brussels time)

Full statement by the European Civic Forum

On 10 July 2019, the European People’s Party (EPP) decided to nominate Balázs Hidvégi, elected in Hungary under the Fidesz header, for the role of Vice-Chair of the Committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs of the European Parliament.

While the Chair and three vice-chairs of the Committee were successfully elected, the decision regarding Mr. Hidvégi’s applicationfor the remaining Vice-Chair position was postponed.

Mr. Hidvégi was one of the chief communicators under Mr. Orban’s government in the past years. He has been particularly vocal during public smear campaigns in Hungary, specifically targeting political opposition, civic NGOs and critical journalists.

Having also in mind the suspension of the Fidesz membership from EPP in the run-up to EU elections, the undersigned Civil Society Organisations regret the choice made by the EPP group.

The reintroduction of Fidesz following the elections, and the appointment of one of its members as Vice-Chair of the Committee in charge of defending civil liberties across the European Union ring an alarm bell.

The EPP has known that for years and until now, the Fidesz government limits civic rights, including freedom of assembly and association, freedom of speech and of academic work, as well as it restricted the rule of law in the country.

Civil society organisations in Hungary have faced pressure, public smear campaigns, restrictive legislation and cuts in funding from the government on partisan political ground. Fidesz has been vocal in relaying the campaigns, including at the European level.

A procedure of breaching the Rule of Law according to Article 7 TEU is also underway.

All these facts are contradictory to the very objective of the work of the LIBE group. They lead not to entrust one of its representatives as Vice-Chair of the LIBE committee.

In order not to undermine trust between the EPP group and Civil Society Organisations, we are calling upon the group to review their choice and to suggest a candidate whose record shows an open and transparent dialogue with civil society organisations and a strong commitment to democracy, rule of law, human rights for all.

To conclude, we are expressing our gratitude to the members of the LIBE committee who have postponed the appointment of a Vice-Chair.

We ask that the LIBE committee be provided with a new nomination that is acceptable for all those who take the mandate of this Committee seriously.



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