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Roger Casale, Kristiana Kuneva, Suzana Carp, Samia Badani, Martin Schulz MdB Photo credit: Adrian Jankowski
Roger Casale, Kristiana Kuneva, Suzana Carp, Samia Badani, Martin Schulz MdB Photo credit: Adrian Jankowski

Madeleina Kay, Young European of the Year, EU Supergirl
Madeleina Kay, Young European of the Year, EU Supergirl

During a ceremony hosted in the offices of the European Commission in Berlin on 3 June, Roger Casale, a former Labour MP and founder of the pro-EU New Europeans movement, received Schwarzkopf Europe from the hands of Martin Schulz, former President of the European Parliament Award.

This is an extremely prestigious award, with this year's shortlist including, among others, the Italian journalist Roberto Saviano. It is only the second time since the award was established that the recognition is granted to an association - precisely the New Europeans - and not to a single individual.

The reason for the victory was the campaign conducted by the New Europeans for the birth and use of the  European Union Green Card , an identification card for European citizens in the UK but also useful for the British in Europe. The intentions of the promoters, the European Union Green Card would serve to:

- provide a "physical" proof of the rights already acquired - remember that for example the new  British settled status  does not provide for the release of any support, but only an identification code demonstrating its status . The Green Card would be issued to all EU27 citizens in the United Kingdom who hold the settled status , so that they can demonstrate that they are entitled, as before, to equal treatment with a British citizen.

- The Green Card would also guarantee the right of British citizens residing in an EU Member State, who, if already in possession of a  permanent European residence card  , would have access to the same rights as a citizen of a Member State who lives and / or works in another EU member state.

- The Green Card, not being an identity or residence document, but only a  proof of status, could also be issued in the event of a Brexit No Deal.

Speaking of the award, Roger Casale said: " We are excited to receive this award that comes at a time when more and more people are talking about the need for citizens to regain control of Europe's future ". " Our proposal on the Green Card has captured the imagination, but what is really important for us is that the role of civil society has been recognized " (...). " We want a Europe of citizens - of equality, diversity and justice social, anchored to human rights ", concluded Casale.

The New Europeans have led the campaign to provide unilateral guarantees for EU citizens in the UK and the British in Europe, and are currently engaged in and working with the European Commission and the European Parliament to investigate the alleged vote denied in the during the May 2019 European Parliamentary elections.



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Manuela Travaglini is a lawyer, consultant to Belluzzo International Partners and legal expert of  The Italian Community

The information contained in this article is provided for informational purposes and is not intended to constitute, and should not be construed as, legal assistance. 

Reproduced with kind permission from La Repubblica

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