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Das Europa, das wir wollen - Lena Kronenbürger

Looking North, Going South: Facing the realities of Climate Change - 42 Magazine, London, May 2019
Looking North, Going South: Facing the realities of Climate Change - 42 Magazine, London, May 2019


Last summer, I travelled with a couple friends in Croatia. We all come from different countries: Austria, the UK, Australia and Germany.

We went to the beautiful city of Split where we didn’t book any accommodation in advance which worried some of us.

"I reassured them that we’ll spontaneously find a place to stay and told them that we’ll probably find a nice old woman who rents a few rooms and cooks delicious food all day long"

They didn’t believe me.

When we were sitting in another fully booked hostel, I knew why.

Split is not only a lovely city but also a town that attracts many, many tourists.

I asked the woman in the hostel once again whether she has any idea where we could spend the night.

She shook her head as she did the first time I asked her the same question, but then she said: “Let me try this”.

She called someone and soon after we put our bags in a room and sat in a little kitchen on the outskirts, listening to traditional Croatian music coming from an old radio.

'Marina had a cigarette between her fingers, wild curly hair and a big smile."

We talked in English but mostly with our hands and feet.

Marina gave us fresh figs and homemade walnut brew and we sat there – laughing, eating, talking - for a long time this evening.

For me, this is Europe and the Europe we want.


About the author:

Lena Kronenbürger is the Editor-in-Chief of 42 Magazine


"Happy 6th anniversary,  dear New Europeans team! I’m looking forward to working together in the years to come to build the Europe we want - by empowering solidarity among EU citizens, migrants and refugees and by listening and appreciating the little good things our diverse cultures offer."



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