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L’Europe que nous voulons - Jean-Baptiste Horhant

The Europe we want is a Europe that protects the interests of its citizens, while helping them to flourish.

So that every young European can become what they want, with all the means to succeed, create, and improve the world around him.

For every European to find their place in today's world. What we have known for more than 70 years is that Europe is peace, freedom, solidarity.

What we want to see in the next 70 years is that it can reinvent itself, to always face the challenges that lie ahead.

"The Europe we want is a Europe in motion (Moving Europe)."

In this perspective, Europe must be able to gather, to weld its Member States and its citizens. Together we are strong.

Together, we have a role to play for our planet. In the face of the current challenges of globalization, in the face of the ecological urgency, faced with the influence of less democratic powers, the adequate response is at the European level.

The Europe we want is a Europe that listens to its citizens, so that their voices are heard. We no longer want to be spectators, but actors in the evolution of the world.

Thanks to Europe, we have this chance, this power.

The power to seize our destiny, to innovate together, for a more equitable world.

The Europe we want is the one that allows us to move forward, united in our diversity.

The Europe we want is the Europe we have been building together every day for 70 years, with civil society organizations as important as New Europeans for 6 years.

The Europe we want is a Europe that lasts.

This Europe, I hope it will be built with New Europeans.

About the author:

Jean-Baptiste Horhant is the President of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs in Strasbourg

"Happy Birthday New Europeans! May our collaboration continue for Europe to continue on its path to progress!"



New Europeans is a pan-European civil rights organisation based in Brussels and London.  

We are a membership association which champions the rights or EU citizens and works for a Europe of the citizens, a Europe of equality and social justice, anchored in human rights. We are members of the European Civic Forum and the Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Europe.  In 2019 we won the Schwarzkopf Europe Award.

We were set up on 18 June 2013

To celebrate our sixth anniversary we asked six young writers to write a blog about the #EuropeWeWant

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