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The Europe We Want - Evgenia Lopata

Evgenia Lopata, 24,  Ukrainian kulturtraeger and activist, Young European of the Year 2015
Evgenia Lopata, 24, Ukrainian kulturtraeger and activist, Young European of the Year 2015

The Europe we want is a healthy Europe, both mentally and physically.

In our  Europe there is no place for pollution, no place for killing animals, no place for deforestation, no nuclear power.

In our Europe there is no place for propaganda, dictatorship, or the restriction of any human rights.

The Europe we want is a Europe without war.

In our Europe we cannot be woken up in our own beds deep in the night by soldiers carrying weapons telling us to leave my home for some time or maybe forever.

With or often without documents, personal belongings, memories.

Not knowing for how long, not knowing, if we will ever come back here again.

The Europe we  want is democratic and will defend us

In our Europe people defend their beliefs and rights in a democratic way and  our Europe supports them.  

I was born and I still live in Ukraine.

I know first-hand what a catastrophic nuclear accident is and an ideologically sick society (Chernobyl disaster, USSR, 26 April 1986)

I know first-hand what war is (the Ukrainian-Russian war in Donbas, 2014 – nowadays)

I know first-hand how much democracy costs (Revolution of Dignity/ Euromaidan, massacre of activists in winter 2013/14, the so-called Heavenly Hundred)

I know first-hand which Europe I want.

And I will do my best to make it peaceful, healthy and democratic, because as a young European I am responsible for the Europe of tomorrow for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

"I am pleased to write this text to support New Europeans, who’s doing our Europe better and making their great contribution. I wish you, dear New Europeans, to continue this way many many years more!"


New Europeans is a pan-European civil rights organisation based in Brussels and London.  

We are a membership association which champions the rights or EU citizens and works for a Europe of the citizens, a Europe of equality and social justice, anchored in human rights.  We are members of the European Civic Forum and the Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Europe. In 2019 we won the Schwarzkopf Europe Award. We were set up on 18 June 2013. 

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