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La Europa que queremos - Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana, Europeistas
Carlos Santana, Europeistas

EU Day Hearing in the European Parliament, March 2019
EU Day Hearing in the European Parliament, March 2019

How is "The Europe We Want"? Before answering, I believe we should understand what is exactly being asked, so I’m going to try to think about first the main question, so then it can be answered.

What are we meaning with Europe? Let’s think big. Europe is more than the European Union, it’s more than its institutions, needed for the functioning of such a huge project of union and peace as Europe.

Europe is more than the European continent, more than a map full of tiny regions limited by imaginary borders.

Europe is millions of citizens who live our day by day, people and families who depend on institutions, but also on each other. Europe is all of us.

Who are we referring with the “we”? 2019’s Europe is not the same as that of 60 years ago.

New generations did not live the World War II, we did not live the democratic transition neither the absence of the freedoms and rights that we have in Europe.

Europe is all what many others have struggled to achieve and which we enjoy today: peace, union and agreements, freedoms and democracy.

"We" are the elders, who saw the birth of the social, political and economic project of Europe; “we” are the adults, who have seen how Europe and its independence from the rest of the political actors have grown, such as the United States, Russia or China; “we” are the young people, who sees Europe as something natural, what has always been and what we believe will always be; and “we” are the children, who will see and live the Europe that we all want it to be.

Because how Europe will be, it depends on us.

At last, what do we, European citizens, “want” for ourselves?

It is difficult to know what do we “want”, millions of citizens, with our concerns, desires and interests, and it becomes easier to know what we “need”, what goes beyond the imaginary borders of the geopolitical map. 21st century humans are facing a real survival problem, which goes through the future of our home: The Earth. We must take care of our planet if we want to continue evolving, learning, existing.

Europe, with those social and political values we talked before, we have configured ourselves as the greatest defenders of the environment and sustainability, compared to other countries and economic, political and social agents. We have lot to learn and improve, but we are the ones who best understand this reality. We must be an example for the other global powers, and press them for concrete actions in our institutional, commercial and social relations.

We want a united and peaceful Europe, plenty of freedom and democracy, an independent and humanitarian Europe, in political and social progress, modern and sustainable.


About the author:

Carlos Santana is one of the founders of the Europeistas initiative to make the 9 May, Europe Day, a public holiday in all EU member states

Finally, from Europeístas we want to congratulate our colleagues from The New Europeans for their sixth anniversary. We wish to collaborate and share as so far for more a more years.



New Europeans is a pan-European civil rights organisation based in Brussels and London.  

We are a membership association which champions the rights or EU citizens and works for a Europe of the citizens, a Europe of equality and social justice, anchored in human rights.  We are members of the European Civic Forum and the Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Europe. In 2019 we won the Schwarzkopf Europe Award.

We were launched on 18 June 2013. 

To celebrate our sixth anniversary we asked six young people to write a blog about the #EuropeWeWant

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