The Europe we want is a Europe made by and for the citizens - Olivier Védrine

Olivier Védrine. Kiev
Olivier Védrine. Kiev

As a board member of New Europeans, I would like to say thank you to the Schwarzkopf Foundation for the honour they have bestowed on New Europeans as the 2019 recipient of the Europe Award.

The most important factor of unity for a democracy is the involvement of civil society.  The decision to give the Europe Award to New Europeans will encourage other civil society movements not only in the EU but also in Ukraine and Russia.

"The Europe we want and we urgently need is a Europe made by and for the citizens." 

i have lived in Kiev since 2012 when I hosted several English speaking TV shows on Ukrainian national TV channels to support Ukraine.

I also have Russian roots and I was on Euromaidan in 2013- 2014. I have been a strong supporter of Ukraine and the Russian opposition ever since.

"Ukraine is on the front line in the fight for democracy and European values."

In Ukraine it was civil society that made the revolution on Euromaidan in 2013 - 2014 and now civil society is the biggest source of supportt for the process of reforms.

In Russia, the pressure from the opposition movement is rooted in civil society.

Support for civil society in the European project is the key.

Well done New Europeans!

Well done to all the young people who put their trust in an organsiation that fights for our rights as European citizens and for our European identity.

Thank you to the Schwarzkopf Foundation for allowing a civil society iniative to be recognised in this way.

Yours sincerely,

Olivier Védrine

Boad Member

The New Europeans Aisbl


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