Let's make freedom of movement a reality - Maria Laura Franciosi

My congratulations to New Europeans for receiving the very important Schwarzkopf Award which was handed on June 3rd to its Founder Roger Casale and team members.

As a member of the Board of NE myself, I too want to congratulate New Europeans for this achievement and thank the Schwarzkopf Foundation for having acknowledged with this award the important role of New Europeans in defending the rights of Europeans to freedom of movement and residence anywhere in Europe.

"We want Europe to be a place where human rights are respected and enhanced."

We will strive to make this statement a reality with our engagement and action.

Empty words are no good, we need positive action to guarantee the rights of our citizens everywhere in Europe.

Yesterday my son married a lovely British young lady in Rugby: they both are half British and the other half from another European country and we counted at the ceremony guests from at least 26 different countries, either relatives or friends.

Quite rightly the priest celebrating wanted to make a special reference to this international participation calling it "our mini United Nations" gathering. He was absolutely right.

"Freedom of movement is the bedrock on which Europe is being built."

Let's make it a reality!


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New Europeans is a membership organisation working for a Europe of the citizens and the winner of the 2019 Schwarzkopf Europe Award.


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