The Europe I want has porous borders - Kate Sotejeff-Wilson

The Europe I want has porous borders – not only internally, so that freedom of movement and the right to work in other member states are guaranteed, but also externally, so that people can migrate in and out easily.

This isn’t just humanitarian, as people need refuge from war and violence. It is also economic, as Europe is aging and we need people to help us do the work that needs to be done.

"The Europe I want tears down other kinds of barriers, whether for gender or sexual, ethnic or faith, ability or health minorities."

The Europe I want is multilingual and encourages smaller languages to flourish.

I was born and bred in a bilingual country Wales, and now I live in another one, Finland. 

Though the power dynamic between Welsh and English or Finnish and Swedish is different for historical reasons, for me the right to speak and to be in your native tongue is fundamental.

"Smaller languages and communities such as those of the Sami, Roma, and sign-language users (also minorities in Finland) need more support and the EU can help with this."

As a translator I know how much hard work and professional skills this involves. And how much New EUropeans is doing to make it happen.

Congratulations again to New Europeans!


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