Message from Dominik Kirchdorfer, European Future Forum

Dear Partners,

The EFF aspires to connect all of Europe’s vast civil society organisations and to collaborate in an open, accessible and non-competitive way with each other.

This can often be challenging, faced with established power-structures and ego-centrical mindsets.

But it can also be just as rewarding, when we see the many great things that come from our collaborations and likewise the impact that our partners achieve individually.

We have yet to encounter a more open-minded and principled organisation than the New Europeans.

The New Europeans focus their attention on how they can help citizens, not themselves.

To them, Europe and its citizens come first and everything else is secondary. It is a value that permeates all of their activities, their campaigns, as well as their interactions with friends and partners.

Indeed, the New Europeans are full of kind, passionate and experienced individuals that contribute to making this organisation a force for positive change in the world and a guarantor for European citizen’s rights.

We congratulate the New Europeans on the receipt of the prestigious Schwarzkopf Europe Award and attribute it to all the great people that make up the New Europeans and their hard work for a better tomorrow.

Here’s to continuing working together for decades to come and uniting Europe’s civil society!

Dominik Kirchdorfer

President, EFF – European Future Forum



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