Messages on the occasion of the Schwarzkopf Europe Award

Messages of support from our members, friends and stakeholders

Thank you for the love and for all the support - we can only build Europe together!

"Congrats. Well done!"

Alexander Stubb, Former Prime Minister of  Finland, Helsinki

"Ich bin nicht in Berlin an diesem Tag, aber herzlichen Glückwunsch ⁦@NewEuropeans⁩ und für alle, die wollen!"

Ulrike Guérot, Founder and Director, European Democracy Lab, Berlin


"Congratulations to New Europeans who are in berlin today to receive the Schwarzkopf Europe Award for their work. I share and honour their dedication to a Europe of equality, diversity and social justice anchored in human rights."

Joanna Cherry QC MP

Congratulations NewEuropeans on being awarded #Schwarzkopf prize for its strenuous work in protecting EU citizens’ rights

Time to celebrate those Europeans who build and defend Europe from the bottom up

Alberto Alemanno, Chair of the Law Department, HEC Paris

"As an Italian living abroad I can understand the frustration of all my fellow italian and all European that live in the UK that are in a limbo because they don't understand what is happening in this moment and how this Brexit will effects lives, and careers.

New European initiative to prosose a green card for all Europeans living in UK is appreciated by me and for this I really believe that this award is really deserved.

Thank you for the invitation for next Monday. I can't be there but I'm sure this event will inspire others to stand for Europe."

Regina Catrambone, London


"This is a great achievement. We have the duty to built up an Europe for the future generations."

Luisa Maccalli, New Europeans London


PACE, le Parti des Citoyens Européens, adresse ses chaleureuses félicitation à New Europeans et à Roger Casale à l'occasion de l'obtention du Swartzkopf Europe Award 2019.

PACE souhaite un plein succès à New European dans son combat en faveur de la libre circulation des, notamment dans le contexte du Brexit.

Philippe Mazuel, PACE - Le Parti des Citoyens Européens, Paris


"Heartfelt congratulations for this much deserved award!!"

Ylva Tiveus, former Director, Europe for Citizens programme, European Commission


"Delighted that New Europeans has won the  Schwarzkopf Europe Award 2019! vVel Glück at the Berlin ceremony "

Dr Ruvi Ziegler, Oxford European Association


Delighted to have joined Roger Casale in the wonderful New Europeans’ initiative.

The EU Green Card project is a great idea, to mitigate Brexit and to promote European citizenship.

The Schwarzkop Award is a fantastic boost to these efforts.

Grazie. Ci serve una Nuova Europa, per non condannarci all’irrilevanza nel mondo.

Altro che sovranismo, ci serve condivisione. Servono risorse proprie dell’Unione e metodo comunitario.

Giovani Brauzzi,  New Europeans Rome

I am delighted that New Europeans have received Schwarzkopf Europe Award.

This achievement recognizes fantastic work which New Europeans undertake to promote values of fraternity, cooperation as well as active citizenship.

I am pleased that I am also a member of organisation which thrives to build Europe which is open to all. 

Michal Siewniak, New Europeans East of England, Welwyn Garden City


Congratulations. This is well deserved. The rights of European citizens should never be forgotten. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.

Catherine Stihler, CEO Open Knoweldge Foundation, London

#FBPE @NewEuropeans congratulations to Roger Casale and the #NewEuropeans for a well deserved prize.

Mark DePew, New Europeans Lower Rhine, Bonn


That is great news! You have made an enormous effort to raise the voice of not only the Britons but also the rest of the Europeans that will be negatively affected by Brexit.

Well done - and keep up the good work!!

Cecilia Borglin, Swedes Worldwide, Stockholm


The New Europeans are doing a fantastic job, but it shouldn't be left to to organisations like this to defend our rights. 

Unfortunately, the British government has done almost nothing to defend the rights of British citizens living in Europe.

We've seen our rights pulled from under our feet but I get the impression that the people who should be looking out for us really couldn't care less.

I always considered Britain one of the great democracies of the world, but I'm afraid after this mess I've changed my mind.

Thank you New Europeans.

Wendy Reed, France


Congratulations on this great achievement. It is just recognition of the important work being done by New Europeans, especially in these worrying times.

Professor Louise Ryan, Unviersity of Sheffield


Congratulations to New Europeans on receiving the Schwarzkopf Europe Award. 

Your work on highlighting the impact of UK Brexit proposals on European citizens is excellent and still very much needed. I am sure that this award will spur New Europeans to even greater impact over the coming months.

Sue Ferns, Deputy General Secretary, Prospect Union. Londo


"Congratulations  to New Europeans on the Schwarzkopf Europe Award - justly deserved recognition. I am very proud to be a member."

Charlotte Gath, West Midlands


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