Letter from István Hegedűs - Hungarian Europe Society

István Hegedűs
István Hegedűs

Dear New Europeans,

I would like to congratulate you on the Europe Award that New Europeans have received from Schwarzkopf Foundation.

You and your pro-European (and pro-Remain) initiative have made a fantastic job to mobilise support and to fight for the rights of European citizens on both sides of the Channel. 

Your ongoing campaigns are highly encouraging for many of us in Hungary who currently feel the increasing pressure caused by an illiberal and anti-European government.

The shrinking space for civil society, academic freedom and media pluralism make our life in Hungary complicated, but still not hopeless.

I am sure that our shared values will survive these turbulent years. Results of the European elections - at least in most of the member states - support this optimism. 

Unfortunately, I cannot participate at the ceremony on Monday. I hope it will be an inspiring event for you and the attendees. 

I wish New Europeans fruitful activities for the cause of a democratic Europe of citizens in the future.

Very best regards,

István Hegedűs
Hungarian Europe Society



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