Letter from the European Commission

New Europeans contacted the European Commission on 5 May to alert officials to the prospect that there would be widespread voter disenfranchisment of EU citizens at the European Parliamentary elections in the UK.

Read New Europeans letter here

As when New Europeans appealed to the European Commission under similar circumstances in 2014, the Directorate for Equality and Union Citizenship will now look into the reported irregularties and make futher recommendations for reform.

Speaking about the Commission's response, Roger Casale, founder and Secretary General of New Europeans, said:

"It is disappointing that the Commission was not able to intervene prior to the election.

However, if it turns out that as many as 2m EU citiens have been denied a vote in European elections in the UK then the fault should be laid fair and square at the doors of the UK Government and the UL Electoral Commission.

We look forward to hearing from the European Commission in due course as to whether or not the UK Government has broken EU law in failing to make timely and adequate provision for EU citizens to take part in European elections in the UK."


We publish the European Commission's response to New Europeans' representations below:



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