European Commission responds to New Europeans complaint about mass exclusion of EU citizens from #EP2019 in UK

The European Commission has confirmed that it will look into the serious complaint raised by New Europeans with respect to the mass exclusion of EU citizens from the European parliamentary elections in the UK.

In a letter to the leading civil rights group, Marie-Hélène Boulanger,  Head of Unit for Union citizenship rights and free movement in the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers said:

"National authorities are required to inform EU national voters in good time and in an appropriate manner of the conditions and of the detailed arrangements for the exercise of their right to vote."


Responding to the letter, Roger Casale, Founder and Secretary general of New Europeans said:

"We are pleased that the Commission has acknoweldged our complaint and that they will investigate further in the ocntext of their report on the 2019 election as they did when we raised the matter with them in 2014. However, it is is disappointing that the Commission is not able to take any immediate action to remedy the situation. 

"We turned to the European Commission, as the right to vote is a fundamental human right and demcocratic societies should be focussed on promoting participation and not, as in the case of the UK, on putting barriers in place which lead to the mass excusion of a section of the elecotrate."

"We are currently surveying local authorities and the return rate of the UC1 form which EU citizens who are already on the register need to compelte in order to be able to vote in EU elections is as low as 20% in some areas."

"We anticipate that up to 2m EU citizens in the UK who should be eligible to vote will not be able to do so."




We are publishing the letter from the European Commission below.




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