There has to be a #compromise

Peter Kyle MP and Phil Wilson MP table their amendment
Peter Kyle MP and Phil Wilson MP table their amendment

Following the events in the House of Commons, New Europeans has repeated our call to MPs to back the compromise proposal put foward by our members and activists in an open letter to Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and the European Union on 4 February.

The open letter called on MPs to back the withdrawal agreement in return for a confirmatory referendum on the final deal.

Over the past two months, New Europeans has worked tirelessly to generate consensus around the #compromise proposal which has been taken up by MPs Dame Margaret Beckett, Phil Wilson and Peter Kyle.

The proposal was debated on Wednesday, 27 March and Monday, 1 April during the debates on the "indicative votes" in the House of Commons and was only narrowly defeated. 

How MPs voted on 1 April

It is expected to return to the House of Commons for further debate on Wednesday, 3 April.

18 Labour MPs abstained when the #compromise proposal was first debated

List of Labour MPs who abstained

Many Conservetive MPs may also be willing to vote for the #compromise -  18 abstained when it was first debated

List of Conservative MPs who abstained or voted in favour

We are asking all those who support the compromise proposal to write to the MPs who have abstained last week, asking them to support the MOTION E (Confirmatory Public Vote - Kyle/Wilson) when it returs to the House of Commons on Monday.

Draft letter to MPs

This may be the final chance to secure a confirmatory referendum before Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal or faces the prospect of a long delay to Brexit and the prospect of a General Election.

Interview with Roger Casale, Founder and CEO, New Europeans on Deutsche Welle, about the #compromise proposal

New Europeans is an award-winning pro-European civil rights organisation based in Brussels and London . We campaign for the rights of EU citizens and for a Europe of citizens, a Europe of equality, diversity and social justice anchored in human rights. 

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