If today an attempt was made to set up a confederal-type association - Altiero Spinelli

Altiero Spinelli
Altiero Spinelli

"If today an attempt was made to set up a confederal-type association based only on diplomacy, England would probably be willing to participate immediately, just to consolidate this character, because all its diplomatic customs would bring it in this direction; in any case it would have to pass through the “caudine forks” of bilateral negotiations with France.

If, on the other hand, a supranational type of association were attempted, in which problems of democracy were posed, England would remain out at first ... She would ask to join it only when the endeavour was about to succeed, in order to avoid the risk of being left out for good.

In this case, however, once entered, she would engage with supranational centers of power. Then, the English democratic attitude, replacing the diplomatic one, would react in its usual sense, which is to ask for authentic control. In this case, the British participation would decisively favour the federal development of the Community ".

A. Spinelli, A Strategy for a United States of Europe, published by S. Pistone, Il Mulino, 1989, p.180


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