Love letter to #EU

Dear Friend,

Our relationship has recently suffered, but I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family throughout my life.

As my British mother carried me, each day was stress free and happy as I developed to full term. She was protected from losing her job because of you.

When I was born, my father, though he nearly passed out in the delivery room, was on nappy duty and night time feed every day for a week. It didn’t matter that I made them both so tired, because you gave them a right to be with me.

I learned new languages at school though ‘Merde’ was banned from the house. I even got grounded once for saying ‘Fahrt’, though it meant drive. I was lucky to eat safe, wholesome food and I played out day after day breathing in the clean air with my friends [4]. It was all because of you.

I remember one day when my father ran with me along clean beaches for hours on end, telling me stories of how dirty the beach and sea used to be. That was the day my mother was interviewed for her promotion. Only men had been the boss before, but she was treated equally because of you. She got the job.

When it was time to study, you made it easy. You see, we were a little poor, even with mum’s new job. I had dreamed of studying for a year in Europe, but I was too scared to dream. Then my teacher told me I could apply for funding and with those forms my dreams came true.

In my first job, my boss couldn’t make me work excessively and I even got my minimum holiday and pay, all because of you. In my 20s, I travelled through Italy and Spain, and then came back on a cheap plane. All easier, because of you.

When my next employer made me redundant, it was you who protected me. You were always there for me, to support me in my work.

When my father got cancer, my mother was by his side every day, but I could not face seeing him fade away. My mother was so heartbroken when he died that she was diagnosed with depression, but it was you who saved her job.

It was because of you that I was free to love any person I chose. He was the boy down the road, just a mile away. Because of you there was no border to stand in our way. We took peace and democracy for granted, my Irish man and me.

From Cradle to Grave, you have cared for me and I wanted you to know that no matter what, I hope that our relationship shall continue to thrive and grow.

I will always THANK EU.


A message of love and hope, through a fictional tale showing some of the laws that protect us because of the EU.


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