Risk of travel difficulties for Britons resident in UK post Brexit fuels demand for EUGreenCard scheme

Dear Mr Verhofstadt,

My wife and I are UK Citizens and residents of Portugal, which gives us the right to remain in Portugal 365 days a year. We are also Tax Residents in Portugal.
We are concerned that, if there is a disorderly Brexit, we will be faced with potential travel difficulties when the ETIAS is introduced in 2021 as we will only be allowed in the Schengen Area for 90 days in every 180.

Whilst this will cause us no problems if we remain in Portugal, given our residency, the moment we cross the Spanish border by foot or by car after having been in Portugal for more than 90 days will be committing a crime.
It will also mean that, if we drive to the UK (which would be our only logical destination) after having been in Portugal for slightly less than 90 days to give us time to reach a port (we travel with our pet dogs), we would have to stay there for at least 90 days, which could then create potential difficulties for us in relation to our Tax Residency.
It is for these reasons that we support the EU Green Card proposed by New Europeans
Martyn Chance  & Carol Byron-Chance


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