Statement by Jean-Marc Roirant, Secretary General, European Civic Forum

Jean Marc Roirant, Secretary General, European Civic Forum
Jean Marc Roirant, Secretary General, European Civic Forum

25 years ago, the Maastricht Treaty was the founding document for European citizenship.

Citizens of EU member states acquired a “supranational” dimension for their citizenship.

The Treaty of Maastricht gave access to legal protection by the European Court of Justice for all EU citizens.

We witness how important this is today when regressive governments are undermining rights.

It is this acquis that enables EU citizens to address the issues to the ECJ and expect to find legal support to oppose authoritarian national governments.

However, on the one hand, the Maastricht Treaty stands for extending the unification of the EU as a single economic and monetary space.

On the other hand, it does not unify the social space, which leaves each member state, be it rich or poor, to tackle the social issue with its own means.

This double standard approach left ground to the growing feeling that the EU is not a space of social convergence and extended solidarity.

"The unfortunate answers given by EU institutions to the social consequences of the crisis of the Euro and the danger of growing electoral successes of regressive nationalist proposals recall to all of us how much a full European citizenship is key for a desirable EU future."

With New Europeans, we appluad the promise of a Europe of citizens made by the Maastricht Treaty.

We put high on the agenda to make its promises become reality.

25 years later, it is more than time for this citizenship to be delivered

Jean-Marc Roirant


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