The #PeoplesVote March (London) and the #RallyToRemain (Belfast)

Amazing scenes in London as upwards of 670,000 people marched to demand a #PeoplesVote.

New Europeans joined demonstrators from all over the UK and from other EU member states on a beautiful sunny day when everytihing still seemed possible.

Watch here

We also took part in the #RallytoRemain outside city hall in Belfast.

In London, Maria Spirova helped us take the pulse in the huge crowds as people waited to move off from Hyde Park.

Here's a snapshot from her report:

"I'm in the midst of the march for the second #Brexit referendum - drums, flags, dogs, babies ...

I've just talked to a wonderful bearded Englishman who lives and works in Romania.

He's married to a Romanian woman and he's in London  only because he's selling his property here and leaving.

"We've gone mad in the UK ," he told me, "we've dedided to all join hands and jump off the White Cliffs of Dover!

My wife  fought for democracy in Romania for 25 years!  In Britain people have voted to voluntarily give it up!"

We pass taxis, lorries buses going the other way.

They support us, too!

One taxi driver poses proudly with a bandana.

It says *U*K Brexit!!


Jane Morrice was in Belfast  for the #Rally4Remain protest organised to coincide with the #PeoplesVote March in London.

Here's what Jane told us:

"It was uplifting,heart-warming and vital to see a real response to the battle against Brexit in the streets of Belfast and coming from all communities.

This is not an orange and green issue.

It’s about appreciating the EU for what it’s done for Northern Irleand.

It's about standing up for our rights as EU citizens."




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