Standing up to the headbangers

A 'dooflebug' VI flying rocket on its way to kill
A 'dooflebug' VI flying rocket on its way to kill

The EU = No more war
The EU = No more war

We are sometimes written to by members of New Europeans to thank our team and all our volunteers for the tireless work they do informing and empowering EU27 citizens and working to change the narrative in the UK on free movement, migration and Europe.

David Webb has been a member since the early days of New Europeans and despite his 84 years is up-grading his subscription. Here's why:


Dear Roger

Thank you for your e-mail of 29 September about my £12 subscription. 

As I am an 84 year old pensioner I have to make sure I do not spend more than my income each month. 

But I will change to £30 after Christmas because I realize the importance of New Europeans to oppose what Ken Clarke calls the head bangers.

I pay £100 pa to the Conservative Group for Europe which used to be Chaired by my friend Neil Carmichael.  But he lost his seat in the snap election.  Now our Chairman is Dominic Grieve QC, one of the group described by the Telegraph as the "Traitors."

As you were MP for Wimbledon I must tell you what happened when I lived at 11 Burstow Road SW20 from 1934 till 1952.  I was in the bathroom at 0830 on 19th June 1944 when I saw a V1 flying bomb coming straight towards me, flying very low after the engine had stopped.  I ran down stairs and the V1 hit the road about 6 doors along from us.  We lost our roof and windows.  I was saved by an open door which stopped the flying glass hitting me.  My mother and 2 brothers had reached the indoor shelter just in time.

I had passed the 11+ six months earlier so joined Wimbledon College, Edge Hill, in September 1944.  I joined the MOD as an engineering apprentice in 1951 at the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern.  In 1960 I was Chairman of the Young Conservatives in Reading when Mr RA Butler came to speak.  I was pleased to meet the author of the 1944 Education Act. I asked him if our farmers were stopping us joining the Common Market and he said we had to wait till public opinion understood the advantages.
I was Branch Secretary of the AEU TASS in Hemel Hempstead in 1970 for 2 years and am still a member of its successor, Unite.  The General Secretary has not expelled me due to being a paid up member of the Conservatives.  But my fellow members don't mind.

David Webb   MIET    Freeman of the City of London
European Movement National Council Member



Our campaigning capacity and our legitimacy is built on the courage and support of over a thousand paying members like David.

Members wo are from all walks of life, who are of all ages, who are from all political parties and none.

What unites our member above all is the knowledge that the EU is a project of peace and that we must defend it for that reason.

If  you would like to know more about New Europeans and how you can support our work, please contact us at

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Roger Casale was the Labour MP for Wimbledon from 1997-2005; he founded New Europeans in 2013 when he realised that there might be a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU and that EU27citizens in the UK and Britons in Europe did not have a voice and might get hurt - not by a V1 rocket, but certainly by the roof crashing in over their heads.

New Europeans has since become an award-winning civil rights organisations with branches in the UK, Brussels and Strasbourg.



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