An Italian woman battles for the right to represent her fellow EU citizens in Brussels

Continuing our series on transnational candidates running in the local elections in Brussels on 14 October, we are delighted to present Cinzia di Marzo, New Europeans' member and PS candidate in Wouluew-Saint-Lambert.

Cinzia di Marzo

J'ai 49 ans et je suis née à Bari, dans le sud de l'Italie.

Je vis à Bruxelles depuis 2011 dans la commune de Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, avec mon fils Adriano, qui a presque 13 ans.

En tant que mère célibataire, j'ai choisi de rester dans cette ville pour grandir et éduquer mon enfant dans un environnement multiculturel et multilingue.

What I want to do for the Municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

As a convinced European, I will build a "bridge between Europe and the local community". One needs the other.

Listening is the first step to establishing constructive dialogue. For the Municipality of WSL I propose:

1. Improve the administrative services for European citizens, for foreigners to visit a dedicated window in my municipality;

2. Increase awareness of sustainable development to cut back on food waste (private homes, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.), applying the principles of the circular economy in the WSL community;

3. Support the activity of tourist accommodation among the inhabitants (B&B, etc.), regarding the new regional legislation in force since 1 February 2017.

Give me your vote and I will set a plan and include all of you in the process !

My professional career

I am a lawyer, specialist in community law and I worked for five years at the European Commission as a national expert in the field of tourism and creative industries.

Currently, I work as a European lawyer, expert in sustainable tourism.

My way in politics

Since my university studies, I have participated with passion and determination in the associative and political life.

For me, politics is like a mission: to be honest, committed and responsible to improve our society and reduce social disparities.

Already a candidate for the European Parliament in 2009 in southern Italy, with the Democratic Party.

I am still motivated to continue activism in the PD party in Brussels, in collaboration with the PS, and PD Europe.

My values

As a conscious European citizen, I firmly believe in the founding values of the European Union: peace, free movement, solidarity, equality, security, tolerance, democracy.

My passions

Sport: swimming, yoga, cycling
Art and Culture: Reading classic books, novels, non-fiction contemporary and film, theater, jazz and classical concerts, are my favorite.

Travels (Countries already visited):
Australia, South Africa, India, China, Argentina, Venezuela, Canada, United States, North Africa, Middle East, Mexico, New Zealand, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iceland, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Balkans, as well that throughout Europe, to have experience of openness in life, discover new cultures and learn to respect diversity.


For a list of all candidates in Woluwe Saint Lambert, click here 


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