New Europeans renew call on EU to grant unilateral guarantees

Roger Casale, Madeleina Kay,Michel Barnier and officials, Strasbourg, 4 July 2018
Roger Casale, Madeleina Kay,Michel Barnier and officials, Strasbourg, 4 July 2018

Following Theresa May's confirmation that #EU27citizens in the UK will receive settled status regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, New Europeans has written to Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator for the UK Exiting the EU to renew its call for a parallel declaration to secure the rights of British citizens resident in EU member states.

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Group calls again for clarity on citizens rights, The Parliament Magazine, 24 September 2018

Dear Mr Barnier

It was a pleasure to meet you in July at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and thank you for the interest you expressed in hearing more about our #EUGreenCard proposal which has just won the Schwarzkopf Foundation Europe Award

I am writing to you today to ask you to initiate the necessary steps which would allow the EU to grant guarantees of the rights of British citizens resident in EU member states and to do so unilaterally. 

New Europeans has long called for such an approach based also on arguments which we have put to the European Parliament and the House of Lords at formal Committee hearings. We have shown that not to grant rights unilaterally risks a structural violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

​All EU member states are signatories the European Convention on Human Rights. As the preamble to the Charter of Fundamental Rights proclaims, the 'the Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity'. The EU and its member states aspire to and should always abide by the highest international standards.​

As an organisation that represents the voice of citizens in their capacity as EU citizens, and not just citizens of nations, we look to the EU to be a guarantor of the rights of all EU citizens and third country nationals resident in EU member states.

On 21 September,  Theresa May confirmed that the UK government will grant unilateral guarantees to EU27 citizens in the UK. 

Will you now do the same in respect of British nationals resident in the EU? We would have wished the EU to have moved first on this issue. 

We write to you not as a British organisation though we were founded in London but as a European civil rights movement based in Brussels.​

We would be making the same argument, if it was Greek or French citizens who were about to be deprived of their EU citizenship for example. It is not because the people concerned are British. It is because they are EU citizens that we ask this.
The EU cannot allow itself to get into the position where it stands back and allows the rights of 1.5m and more of its own citizens be stripped of their citizenship rights, through no fault of their own and as a result of a referendum which now appears to have been manipulated by illegal interference and conditioned by lies.

We want a European Union we can be proud of.

That means a statement confirming that the EU will grant guarantees unilaterally to 1.5m British citizens in the EU, parallel to the one Theresa May made (at long last)​. 

Roger Casale

Founder and Secretary General

New Europeans




Michael Priddy

David Fenton

Joan Pons Laplana

Mike Bartlett

Lin Brown

Michael Whittle

Lesley Jones

Ian Horswell

Robert Holden

Glyn Davies

Liz Palfrey

William Bannister

Julie-Ann Gledhill

Teresa Sorokin

Elizabeth Duguid

Karen Swancott

Anthony Dix

Jennifer Cadle

Alexia Robins

Samantha Flanagan

Stephen Cox

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Patricia Nordon-Angus

David Nordon-Angus

Peter Swanson

Barbara Hunt

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Nicola Holman

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Elizabeth Pearl Heatley

Christopher Cole

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Judy Manville

James Rockall

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Mary Griffin

Peter Buckland

David Collin

Sarah Goodwin

Trevor Davies

Lisa Cox

Denis Coombes

Sheena Insull

Margaret Rockall

Alexander Gordon

Janet Etoe

Paul Duckworth

Mark Cowley

Philip Halliwell

Keith Chamberlain

Graham O'Callaghan

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Roger Bingham

John Robson

Amanda Holmes

Helen Groeneveld

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Valerie Nicholls

Daphné Brierley

Nicholas Flint

Denise Gear

Wendy Nichols

Colin Brierley

Alan Hughes

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John Holmes

Colin Chalke

Amanda MacKenzie

Tony Simmonds

Felicity Laws

Alan Green

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Janice Tobin

Sandra Clayton

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Alison Marks

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Diana James

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Kathryn Crooks

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Christopher Parkman

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Shirley Hillier

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Kathryn Marsland

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Pete Sapnik

Roger Ellis

Barbara Munro-Donnelly

Garydd Baker

Bruce Stuart

Geoff Bury

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