Statement on World Awareness Day to End Human Trafficking

New Europeans  is concerned about the increasing scale of human trafficking across the world, with Europe being no exception, fuelled by the current uncertainty caused by Brexit, conflict, as well as structural poverty and deprivation.

"We note with sadness that human beings are becoming a commodity."

Eileen Chan-HU, Trustee,New Europeans

In 2014, we raised awareness on this issue by running a meeting with GlobalNet21 at the House of Commons which was followed up by a workshop at Europe House, the following year.

Key points discussed from the meeting were taken forward in the workshop:

• Trafficking and The Sex Trade

• Trafficking and Forced Labour

• Trafficking and Domestic Servitude

• Social Reporting & Human Trafficking

• Citizenship, Free Movement & Trafficking

Today on ‘World Day Against Human Trafficking' , New Europeans joins the international calls for an end to trafficking, the protection of the human rights of victims and potential victims, and the holding to account of all who exploit women, children and men for sex or forced labour.

All of us have a moral duty to report suspected cases of human trafficking to the national human trafficking hotlines, and to counter the racist and xenophobic rhetoric that dehumanizes migrants and refugees and seeks to de-legitimize those who are working to save lives and protect human rights.

Human trafficking is not the same as people smuggling. The victims of human trafficking are often duped or forced into entering another country for the purposes of exploitation and against their will. 

Children and young people are particularly vulnerable to trafficking and we welcome the focus of this year's world awareness day on strengthening and safe-guarding the rights of children. 

We call for an end to impunity for human traffickers and join with the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres who says:

“Human trafficking takes many forms and knows no borders. Human traffickers too often operate with impunity, with their crimes receiving not nearly enough attention. This must change.” 

We reproduce below some of the key statements that have been made by the European Union and the UN in relation to world awareness day against human trafficking:

Statement by Nadia Murad Bassee, Survivor, and UN Goodwill Ambassador, and Myria Vassiliadou, EU Commission Anti-trafficking coordinator

UN Statement on World Day Against Human Trafficking

EESC report on Human trafficking

Donald Tusk at the UN General Assembly

United Nations video

Europol, Trafficking in Human Beings


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