Olivier Védrine joins the board of New Europeans Aisbl

We are delighted to announce that Olivier Védrine, French political scientist and TV anchor on the Western Voice in Kiev, has joined the board of The New Europeans Aisbl (Association internationale sans but lucratif)

At the start of this academic year, he will open the new Kiev School of Policy and Governance for MPA (Master of Public Administration).

Interview with Olivier Védrine - on a mission for Ukraine, Centre for Russia and East European Research

Olivier worked in Russia for many years as the chief editor of the Russian edition of the "Revue Défense National" and as visiting professor in a number of Russian universities, including Lomonosov Moscow State University.

At the beginning of 2014, he shut down the Russian edition of the “ Revue Défense Nationale" to protest against the annexation of Crimea.

He joined the demonstrations on the Maidan from December 2013 to February 2014.

Since then Olivier has been on the frontline of the fight to protect Ukraine's integrity and European values.

Olivier is the former advisor on Ukraine to Henri Malosse, who was President of the European Economic and Social Committee (2013-15), and an expert member of the Academic Centre of the Assembly of European Regions, Strasbourg

He has led work to expose Russian mendacity and campaigned to counter President Putin's attempts to destablize Western democracies and weaken Europe. 

With great courage and commitment, Olivier  is supporting the Russian opposition exiled in Ukraine.

He frequently organizes events at which his guests discuss the future prospects for democracy in Russia, distant though these may be.  What would they do once in power in Moscow?

In an interview in Le Monde on 17 March, 2018, Olivier said:

"The future of European democracy will be decided in Ukraine."

Since 2016, Olivier has been the chief editor of Russian Monitor , one of the most famous Russian newspapers on the internet  supporting the Russian opposition. Russian Monitor currently has one million viewers per month.

One of the key visitors to Olivier's think tank in Kiev is Ilya Vladimirovich Ponomarev a former Russian politician and technology entrepreneur.

Ilya was the only member of the State Duma to vote against Russia's annexation of Crimea during the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine. He now lives in exile in Kiev.

On 18 May, Roger Casale, Secretary General of New Europeans, joined Olivier via Skype in The Western Voice studio for a discussion about Russia and Ukraine.

Watch Olivier Védrine interview with Roger Casale



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