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Rupert Johnson

Regional Coordinator West Midlands

Rupert Johnson was an active campaigner for Remain during the referendum within his home town of Bromsgrove. He has had wide and varied career, working in advertising, photography and then later as a CEO for an environmental charity.

Since the result he has continued to campaign for the UK to remain part of the EU. It was this post referendum work that he became aware of the work that the New Europeans group was doing to help support EU citizens within the UK and UK citizens who reside within Europe.

“It was the targeted response to the referendum vote that drew me to New Europeans and the concern that both EU and UK citizens were being used as a sort of human shield as the government struggles to find a plausible way forward. My wife is an Italian who has lived within the UK for very long time, paying taxes, raising children and contributing to the education of children through her work as a college lecturer and yet she had no vote in the referendum but is potentially one of the people whom it will affect dramatically!”

Rupert is married with 3 children and 2 step-children.  


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