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Owain Gardner

Development officer

Owain Gardner is a European Citizen and community activist in the United Kingdom, his interests relate to reforming Europe so that every citizen of Europe is heard, can effect policy and be an integral part of a changing Europe. 

He is a Politics graduate of The University of York (BA) and of Queen’s University Belfast (MA), his dissertations have looked into Jeremy Corbyn’s first leadership bid (QUB) and Gordon Brown’s foreign policy whilst he was Prime Minister; described as “unique in a crowded field” by Steve Richards of the Independent Newspaper. 

Owain is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Glasgow, his Doctoral Project seeks to see how far our knowledge of J. S. Bach’s religious music and musical method can be further illuminated in light of early Franciscan writings on scientia and music, especially the works of Robert Grosseteste, and so also further understand the impact Bishop Robert had on an aspect of Christian thought and practice in Europe down to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

“New Europeans has worked tirelessly to enable a forum of mutual respect and understanding for all citizens of Europe, it remains an inspiration to me. 

Given the current issues facing the European Union, New Europeans provides us all the opportunity of equal understanding, hope for the future and continuing to live in peace across the continent. 

I find the work that New Europeans’ does timely, challenging and yet at the same time open to everyone. It is an exciting time for us all!” 


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