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Jack Owen


Having always loved art as well as the technical side of things photography was the perfect medium for me.

Starting back when I was sixteen I did simple odd jobs here and there whilst also working as an assistant to a professional photographer, whom I’m indebted to for the knowledge he passed on to me.

At eighteen I got an offer to study at the Tisch School of Arts in New York University. After a year of studying there I decided that I most enjoyed the life and freedom of a working photographer as well as feeling much more tested in the working environment, which I personally believe to be one of the most important factors to enjoy what it is that you love.

Since then I have shot commissioned work in both London and New York. This work mainly consists of event and fashion photography for individuals working on projects, and also for start up companies. Though this is mainly what I shoot for commissions, I have shot in most other sectors of photography, with photojournalism always having been my main pursuit.

At present I am freelancing as well as working as the official photographer for two companies within London, &CO and Balance. I am also working on a personal non-profit project that is an events and publication organization designed to support and contribute to the expanding independent market and creative community in South East London.

"New Europeans to me is a vital piece in the increasingly strange puzzle that is the situation of Brexit.  I believe in the free movement. I do not see it as a privilege but as a basic human right and the fact that countries don’t have it I think is a shame. The thought now that we are to be limited even further in our free movement is something I think we must object against. Not for ease, not for economic benefit but for our global mentality."



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