Isis Acosta*


Isis is a lawyer and international development consultant. She works with New Europeans as Registrar and Company secretary. She studied law and international trade and development in Bilbao and Madrid.

Isis has worked in Spain both in the private sector and with NGOs and in Latin America with the United Nations. In the UK Isis has worked with NGOs including “Health Poverty Action” and the “Latin American Women's Rights Service” . 

About New Europeans

“I believe in the future of the European citizens living in the UK because this Britian is an example of what people from different member states of the EU can achieve in a very short time.

I have had the experience of studying, living and working in Europe and am now based in the UK. I was born in Latn America (Panama) and l consider myself to be a citizen of the world.  The UK has given me the opportunity to grow and develop as a human being. I hope this reality never changes.

My personal commitment to New Europeans is an important part of my life. I work with a really great team that also give their time as volunteers.

I promote New Europeans every day raising awareness of what we do to all who are interested in the future of Europe and the UK. “


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