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Emy Muzzi

Communications advisor

Emy is an Italian journalist. Her experience in London began with Agi and continued with The Prisma, Urban Times, Altrenotizie, and Talk Europe. Her areas of work include foreign politics and human rights.

She studied Humanities at La Sapienza in Rome and International Relations and International Programmes at the London School of Economics.

“I joined New Europeans to help as I soon as saw them in action with their strong ability to activate  society through dialogue and direct involvement, while building a trustworthy and effective bridge between all of us citizens and institutions, both nationally and internationally."
Not only does New Europeans take action related to the vital and historic fight for citizens’ rights after Brexit,  they also have a long term vision of a collectively built and participative society, able to lobby,  fight,  influence and change institutions and even rewrite the law through the direct exchange of views, policies and ideas”.


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