Dr. Ruvi Ziegler


Dr. Reuven (Ruvi) Ziegler is Associate Professor in International Refugee Law at the University of Reading, School of Law, where he is Director of the Global LLM programmes in Human Rights, International Law, and Advanced Legal Studies.

Ruvi is an Academic Fellow of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple; Research Associate of the Refuge Studies Centre, Oxford; Convenor of the 'Civil Liberties and Human Rights' Section of the Society of Legal Scholars; Editor-in-Chief of the Refugee Law Initiative (Institute for Advance Legal Study, University of London) Working Paper Series; and a Researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute, analysing the treatment of asylum seekers in Israel as part of the Democratic Principles project

Ruvi's public engagements include being Chair of the Oxford European Association; advising the New Europeans Citizenship Unit serving as a 'Britain in Europe' academic expert; as a Country of Origin information expert for the 'Refugees in Exile' project; as a UK expert for the GLOBALCIT-managed FAIR EU project; and as an advisory council member of 'Rene Cassin' (a UK-based Jewish human rights organisation). 

Previously, Ruvi was a visiting researcher at Harvard Law School’s Immigration and Refugee Clinic and with the Human Rights Program and a Tutor in Public International Law at Oxford. 

Ruvi's recently published book is 'Voting Rights of Refugees' (Cambridge University Press, 2017)

Ruvi's areas of research interest include International Refugee Law, Citizenship & Electoral Rights, Comparative Constitutional Law, and International Humanitarian Law.  

Ruvi holds DPhil, MPhil, and BCL degrees from the University of Oxford; LL.M. with specialisation in Public Law from Hebrew University; and a joint LLB and BA from the University of Haifa. He was called to the Israeli bar in 2003.  

On New Europeans:

New Europeans' core mission, to empower mobile EU citizens and to further a 'Europe of the citizens' is one to which I wholeheartedly subscribe. The ongoing Brexit process and the mishandling of protection challenges of non-EU asylum seekers illuminate the scale of the challenge facing us, and the dire need for organisations speaking for a liberal, tolerant, and inclusive Europe. 

I had the honour and privilege to take part in NE advocacy and policy design on both sides of the channel: the APE and European Parliament in Strasbourg, ECIT summer university in Brussels, the Sakharov debate and the stakeholders' meeting with the EP President in London, the APPG on Freedom of Movement and the House of Lords' EU (Justice) sub-committee in Westminster, to name but a few.

NE has also supported my local activities as chair of the Oxford European Association. I have been following with delight the expansion of NE's activities throughout the UK and am hopeful that NEAL's application for charitable status will enable it to engage in further such activities. 


On contributing to the board:

I have been leading, co-convened, and/or co-organising numerous academic events in the UK and beyond, collaborating with colleagues, engaging with administrators and funding bodies. As Director of the Global LLM programmes at the University of Reading School of Law, I have been overseeing admissions, marketing, programme design, and international cooperation. 

My civil society engagements, particularly as Chair of the Oxford European Association, have been particularly helpful both in exposing me to the modus operandi and sensitivities of running a non-party political organisation and in extending my reach beyond academia to politicians, the media, other civil society organisations and indeed the public at large.


Interview with Dr Ruvi Ziegler at Europe House, London, 22 October 2018


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