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Charles Kammerer


A French national, Charles has worked in the private sector across the European Union. 

"At a time when some of the essential rights that many European citizens have enjoyed for more than half a century are being challenged, the work of  New Europeans is more relevant and important than ever. I am really excited to join the organization at such a pivotal time."


Over the past 15 years, he lived in the UK and Austria.  A firm believer in the European project and the values on which it was started, he encountered the hurdles that European citizens face when moving from one state to another – for example, the lack of integration or coordination between welfare systems.

Charles also experienced the under-representation in national politics of large communities of people that have a positive net contribution to their host countries. Charles read electrical engineering at ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France.  He also holds an MSc in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering by The University of Manchester and to an MBA by The University of Cambridge.


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