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Carolin Vater

Community ambassador

Carolin is a banker. She lives in London and works in Canary Wharf. German by passport, European by heart, Carolin has lived and worked in Germany and Spain as well as the UK. She hopes there may be more European members states to follow in the future.

Working on our schools outreach programme, Carolin aims to show how different cultures and languages have enriched her life, and to inspire young people to explore and engage with their European identity.

She sees her main challenge as helping to make free movement work better within the EU and helping to overcome some of the problems she experienced herself in moving form one member state to another.


"Freedom to cross borders doesn't always mean that you are as free in the new member state as you were when you left home. New Europeans gives me the possibility to identify and challenge the barriers that still exist to genuine free movement in Europe."



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